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Smita Shashank Bholane is a highly qualified person having two post-graduate degrees in the field of information technology.

From 2007 she entered into the field of business insurance & finance. With this her new journey was started. She completed various trainings in different verticals of insurance. She also got trained in other financial products like insurance, health insurance, mutual funds, hoame loans, project loans, investment, risk planning etc. Now she is a certified financial planner. She has a team of 52 persons for marketing of health insurance. she had hit the target of MDRT four times. She has also been honored with the COT for two consecutive years 2021 and 2022. She has CA's and taxation experts in her team.

In her own words...

"We sell insurance products but we are something beyond insurance agent, we are risk planners. we help people in managing their financial portfolios. we have a detailed discussion with our clients to tap their exact needs and then we advice them."

Buisness Insurance is her USP. The buisness owners/key perons of Pvt. Ltd, limited of LLP's are insured under buisness insurance. Under this, emploer insures his employees.

She provides best service in claim handling. Providing best, smooth and customized service are her unique features.


Her Achievements


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.
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